Mike Hinton (Mastering engineer and Studio Manager from The Exchange Mastering Studios) started his passion for audio at an early age. With both parents regularly listening to a broad range of music it was only going to have a positive effect.

Mike’s Father, Mick Hinton, worked at the Decca Recording Centre maintaining and developing equipment. Mike used to go to work with his dad when he could, as he was fascinated

by all the equipment, especially the loudspeakers! After working in the transcription department at Decca for a short time Mike was offered a job when he left school. It was rumoured the studios would close and eventually did in 1997. Following the closure Mike’s dad set up his own electronics company, www.davelectronics.com, and carried out studio installations around London. Mike would help make cables, populate printed circuit boards and assist with studio installations for Universal Music UK, Sonic Arts, Audio Archiving Co. and Classic Sound. Mike got talking to Graeme Durham who owned The Exchange and started to work there in the copy room during holiday cover. Work was increasing at The Exchange and it was decided to open another copy room to cope with demand. Mike was employed as a mastering engineer, technical manager and eventually studio manager, so was involved in many departments of the company. After 17 years working at The Exchange the facility was closed at the end of 2014.

In 2015 Mike started his own mastering company, MSTRD Mastering, the aim of the company is to be affordable for both unsigned and signed artists whilst maintaining exceptional sound quality and offering a wealth of knowledge and experience of the industry.