How much do you charge for mastering?

We offer great prices for signed and unsigned artists. Please drop us an email detailing your project including amount of tracks and we will provide you with quote.

How should I send you my mixes for mastering and how will you send my mastered audio back to me?

We can download your files from an FTP server if you provide us with the access details or you can send them with www.wetransfer.com or www.dropbox.com to info@mstrd.co.uk. We send back mastered audio using our www.dropbox.com account.

Are you able to encode CD TEXT on to my DDPI CD master and Metadata (Including ISRCs) into my WAV files and MP3s?

Yes. We would need you to provide the artist name, release title and track titles in the letter case you require the text to be displayed, along with your ISRCs.

If I master an EP or album with you what do you include in the price?

If you master an EP or an album with us, we provide you with WAV files for production along with a DDPI CD Master containing CD TEXT and ISRC (if provided), only of you’re doing a CD release.

Do you listen to my DDPI CD Master before sending it to me?

Yes, we listen to all our CD masters in their entirety before we send them to you. This it to check everything is as it should be and that computer errors such as clicks have not occurred during the bounce process. We still require the client to have a final listen before manufacture for peace of mind.

I’ve had my EP / album mastered at another studio, can you compile and run a DDPI CD Master along with WAV files for me?

Yes, we do this a lot. With some bigger studios charging high prices for compiling and offloading production masters, this is one area you can save money and use another studio with lower rates. Drop us an email letting us know the details of your project and we will let you know our price.

How do I obtain ISRCs?

In the UK you would need to contact the PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) to register and obtain your unique ISRC. You would then issue each track you release with an ascending number and report that back to the PPL so they know which number you have allocated to which track. You can contact the PPL on www.ppluk.com. There are other ways of obtaining ISRCs, through distribution sites, but the PPL is the best as you administer the codes yourself and have more control.

Do you cut vinyl lacquers?

We do not cut vinyl lacquers, but we have a close relationship with many respected vinyl cutting engineers and can arrange this service for you. We can advise on all aspects of planning for your vinyl release, along with providing mastered, compiled audio for cutting at another studio or pressing plant.

Do you offer editing and de-noise / de-click services?

Yes, we run SADiE 6 DAW software which makes editing a pleasure. We can do complex musical editing or just a simple fade depending on your requirements. We use Izotope RX for de-noise and de-click which is very powerful.

Do you offer editing for audio books and pod casts?

Yes, we can help you with this. Please get in touch with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

I have a wedding coming up and I need the tracks for the ceremony to be of a similar level, can you help?

Yes, we can level out the audio tracks, so they are of a similar level so when played back the tracks will not be one loud, one quiet etc. We can then put them on to a CDR for you, labelled in a clear manner and ready to be played at your service. We can do this for any service where music is required.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by Bank Transfer (within the UK) and PayPal.